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San Diego best Affordable Martial Arts Program

Welcome to Your New Martial Arts Family

We understand search for a martial arts program for kids or adults in San Diego can be challenging. But with the James Martial Arts Academy, you can rest assured that you have found your next training academy. Our programs can help you reach the next level regardless of your experience, age with our experienced trainers and proven techniques. We guarantee if you partner with us, we will help you reach your fitness and martial arts goals with challenging classes.

Here's why our members love the James Martial Arts Academy

Strength and Power

While form is important for an effective punch or kick, strength is also needed to ensure that your attack is powerful. Conversely, practicing martial arts will provide you with the opportunity to train your body to become stronger and more formidable.

Such martial arts disciplines as Kosho-Ryu/Kajukenbo require a lot of strength, when it comes to some of its techniques. These kicks, punches, and other moves will increase your entire body’s strength over time. Repetition is another factor that can help improve your body’s musculature.


Executing such things as high kicks or dodging attacks requires a lot of flexibility. In addition to that, having a more pliable body can help reduce the likelihood of injury, making flexibility important for any athlete. Certain disciplines – such as karate and jiu-jitsu – can help you improve your flexibility since their moves require that of your body.

Cardiovascular Health

Meeting the physical activity guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention can be difficult. According to their research, only one in five adults actually meets their suggested amount of exercise. Cardiovascular health, in particular, is very important to manage, as it is closely linked to heart health. Especially during training, drills can really help ramp up one’s heart rate, helping you build cardiovascular endurance and increasing the positive impact of your aerobic exercise.

Preschool Martial Arts
Preparing for the 

Kosho Cubs programs is centered around fundamental skills, teaching self-control, listening, socialization, respect- all of which will help students in preschool and kindergarten! Kosho Cubs  teaches martial arts in a way that your kids will truly love.

Kids​ Martial Arts
Building Character And Leadership Qualities

Our traditional Japanese martial arts classes help growing children far beyond the dojo and in several real-world scenarios.

Our structured classes are designed to help children develop physical fitness and conditioning, which is lacking in our public schools, mental strength, as well as gain valuable social skills through positive reinforcement.

Our martial arts program will bring out the best in your child and help them succeed in life. We offer the best martial arts for kids in San Diego.

Adult Martial Arts
Get Fit While Learning Martial Arts

When you participate in traditional Japanese Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu martial arts, you will learn self-defense, while building confidence, and get into the best shape of your life! Traditional Japanese Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu martial arts has tons of fun.

And our program allows you to become part of something positive and you will learn new skills from our professionally trained martial artists. It's simple to start because we designed our martial arts for adults from beginner to advanced. Join today!

Women's Self-Defense
Empowerment Mindset

Beyond the physical techniques, our women self-defense also reinforces situational awareness, risk assessment, and verbal and psychological strategies a woman can use to set safe boundaries with others – even if the perpetrator is someone she knows.

At the core of our program, we develop your mindset to the belief that you can and will defend yourself!

Teen Martial Arts
Training Them With One Of The Most Modern Practical Martial Arts

Our program helps young adults manage the stresses of school and teenage life.

Our classes are a haven for teens to have fun and be themselves while developing life skills and good judgment through mental and physical skills through martial arts.

Inner Discipline & Perseverance

Chinese martial arts are a great form of exercise. When you combine this new physical feeling with the positive mental state that comes from achieving and exceeding what you thought possible, you will find unbelievable confidence and personal power.

Words from Sigung

I’m Sigung Darryl James Chief Instructor, and I with my wife Cheryl a practicing Child Psychotherapist and faculty member at San Diego State University and the proud owners of the James Martial Arts Academy. As a martial arts instructor with extensive experience training kids, there is nothing better than seeing them grow firsthand.

But more important than the martial arts skills they learn… is the personal skills they develop and carry for life. Because martial arts is so much more than just kicking and punching, and getting the next colorful belt. It’s about developing confidence, discipline, character, focus, and respect. With every class we teach, your kids are growing in mind, body, and character.

That’s because martial arts provides instant positive feedback. By learning to focus on the core moves, they develop discipline and respect. They can instantly see and feel a difference, making them destined to build confidence, self-awareness, and self-respect.
And of course, it’s a ton of FUN! That’s why I love teaching martial arts to kids in this community, and why I know your kids are going to LOVE training.

So please have a look below to find out exactly how your kids can benefit from our fun martial arts classes.
Thanks You!
P.S. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the academy

Sigung Darryl

Owner & Chief Instructor

what is being said about the james martial arts academy

Sifu Darryl is the ideal martial arts instructor. His demeanor is friendly, approachable, respectable and fun; while at the same time firm and accountable. Sifu's ability to teach young kids to have fun while simultaneously challenging them to follow instructions and learn is simply outstanding. As an adult student, Sifu's style incorporates many forms of martial arts which helps me incorporate my previous training. If you're considering a martial arts studio in this area, then be sure to stop by and try his class for yourself. I'm confident you'll enjoy your experience.

Lanny Kimsey

Google - Review

There are simply not enough good things I can say about this school or Sifu Darryl James. He loves these kids as he loves his art, and he is equally devoted to both. His curriculum is sound, and my sons discipline has been enhanced exponentially. This is not a dojo. This is a family, and we are proud to be part of it.

Justin Smolenski

Yelp- Review


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