Should You Enroll in Martial Arts Training?

Should You Enroll in Martial Arts Training

should you enroll in martial arts training?? Table of Contents Are you looking for a new way to get fit and learn self-defense and discipline? If so, martial arts may be the perfect option for you. Classes are available for all ages and experience levels, so it’s a great activity to try if you’re unsure […]

Martial Arts for Older Adults

Adult self-defense san diego

James Martial Arts Academy is El Cajon-based and is proud to announce its older adult martial arts classes. Darryl James and Cheryl James run the academy and offer their vast experience to anyone who wants to improve their physical combat skills and discipline. Adults can take classes at the martial arts academy to begin their […]

Kajukenbo for kids

Kajukenbo for kids

The James Martial Arts Academy Kids’ Courses Parents face one of the most difficult challenges: helping their children develop positive mental and physical skills. It can be stressful and scary, to be honest. It’s about raising children who can deal with real-world problems and dangers. It’s even harder to find an activity that children enjoy […]