Does your child have difficulty concentrating on his or her homework? Do you find your son or daughter with a dreamy look on his face when he/she is supposed to be studying? Kids are beginning to explore the world around them. They are discovering to think and analyze the cause and effect.

Things that may seem routine to the adult eye are new and excellent for children. Therefore, they tend to become distracted by the things and happenings around them. Parents have long turned to martial arts training programs like Karate, Kosho-Ryu, and Kajukenbo to improve their children’s focus and concentration. At James Martial Arts Academy, we teach parents that there are several things you can do to aid your child in achieving better concentration levels.

– Set a schedule. Set aside a specific time for waking up, having breakfast, going to school, playtime, study time, and dinner. Once your child establishes a routine, he will find it easier to concentrate on his work because he knows that this is the time you have allotted for work and nothing else.

– Ensure that the room in which your child sits down to study and do his homework is one where there is no distraction. Let him read aloud if he feels it will help him from becoming distracted.

– Don’t let younger siblings, particularly infants, play near the room where your school-going child studies. Their cries and infant babble may be a big distraction for your child.

– Look up your child’s topic and capture his interest by sharing interesting and informative facts.

– Make dull subjects fun by playing quizzes and memory games.

– If your child feels sleepy or hungry, he may not be able to concentrate well, so make sure he is hungry or tired.

– Sometimes, children tend to lose interest in a particular subject when they fail at it. Encourage your child to persevere. For this, you need to show him or her that you have full faith in his capabilities and that you will help him in any way you can.

– If your child needs additional help, offer to help him out or arrange for tuition. Once he begins to comprehend and master the subject, he will start to concentrate on his work.

– It is a fantastic idea to let your child study and his peers who are good academic performers. By doing this, your son or daughter can pick up tips and concepts from his friends.

– Be patient when you deal with your child. Yelling at them or scolding them when you find them distracted will only serve to make him frustrated.

– Let your child take short breaks while studying. This will help your child to refresh his mind and memory. Let him take a 10-minute break after 1 or 2 hours of studying.

Many activities can help to enhance your child’s concentration.

Here are a few:

– Board games and card games call for concentration, and engaging in them will improve your child’s concentration levels.

– Read a story to your child and ask him questions related to it. This will help sharpen his memory too.

– Ask your daughter or son about his day. This way, he or she will attempt to recall his day’s events and actions, improving his memory and concentration.

– Count numbers or their multiples and skip one or two in between. Ask your child to find the skipped number.

– Strange as it sounds, tongue twisters also help enhance concentration. Your child has to listen with great attention to decipher the tongue twister you say. This will teach him to concentrate.

Lack of concentration is certainly not a problem that is difficult to solve. These few tips should help you assist your child in overcoming the problem of low concentration levels and sharpening his memory and studying skills.

The Karate, Kosho-Ryu, and Kajukenbo training programs at James Martial Arts Academy studio provide parents excellent support in developing happy, healthy, confident kids with a remarkably positive winning attitude. Whether parents are looking for help with focus, confidence, self-esteem, fitness, self-defense, or character development, parents will find Martial Arts training a great aid in achieving their parenting goals.