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Simple Self-Defense for Women

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Easy Protection Skills Women Need for Shopping By Yourself Personal safety professionals share strategies that can help protect busy shoppersAs women all over the USA are preparing to head to shopping centers to buy the ideal swimsuit for all their upcoming Spring and Summer plans, It is vital to acknowledge that leaving shopping malls and …

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Martial Arts in San Diego is not all about punching and kicking harder

Martial Arts Classes in San Diego is not all about punching and kicking harder… Nutrition plays a big part in your martial arts training due to the stress one puts on their system during each training session at the dojo. Often adults and parents think of martial arts as only for self-defense. However, if one was …

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After Relentless Bullying

Bullying is getting out of control… Moms and dads play an essential function in preventing and reacting to bullying. If you understand or believe that your kid is associated with bullying, there are numerous resources that might assist. Recognize the warning signs that your child is involved in bullying. They could be being bullied, bullying …

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Fight Breakdown – Are you Prepared for Real World

THE ANATOMY OF A FIGHT Ever since its inception, the Hollywood movie industry has shown fights on screen. From the dopey Three Stooges smacking each other in the face to Jean-Claude Van Damme letting karate kicks loose on his opponents, violence is always a part of the movies. If you’re wondering how realistic these fight …

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Martial Arts San Diego Bad Guys Watch out

Martial Art San Diego   There are many martial arts in San Diego, and although, in my opinion, Kosho-Ryu and Kajukenbo are the most effective self-defense system for protecting yourself, because both systems are multidimensional, combining highly effective and powerful striking, Jiu-Jitsu, and boxing (please read this article). I would encourage you to come by our …

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Boxing is a Martial Art

The History Of Boxing-One of the first Martial Arts Boxing is a martial arts: Boxing has developed into one of among the most celebrated sports of our time. With big name match-up being held in glamorous places like Las Vegas, it attracts the interest of media worldwide along with the attention of boxing enthusiasts. The evolution …

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