March 10


Self-Defense tactics to fend off an assault

By Sifu Darryl

March 10, 2017

Self-Defense Tactics – Fight Like a Beast

During my weekly women self-defense classes in El Cajon, I stress to the ladies to use hard bones to strike soft fleshy, and as I was reading this article by Kayna Whitworth, Kelly McCarthy, and Nia Phillips.

This story was a validation I’m teaching the students the correct self-defense tactics which might save their life.  Kelly did two things correctly. 1. sign up for a self-defense class and 2. she fought like a beast.

Read the article below and honestly evaluate if you are ready to protect yourself…

Female jogger in Seattle uses self-defense tactics to fend off brutal assault – ABC News Days after successfully repelling a brutal attack while out for a run at a park in Seattle, one jogger has gotten her stride back. Kelly Herron, 36, spoke to about how a day of marathon training turned into a runner’s nightmare situation, and …

Lastly, I would encourage everyone (woman, man, and children) to enroll in a self-defense and learn some invaluable techniques. It takes less than 50 minutes a week to develop the skills need to fend off an attacker. Plus you will get into better shape.

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