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Martial Arts Training for Beginners

Always wanted to try martial arts, but didn't know how to get started?

Here at James Martial Arts Academy, we're committed to making martial arts accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Our traditional Japanese martial arts classes are ideal for anyone who wants to develop strength, skill and focus in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

Our San Diego martial arts training is delivered in a safe, systematic way that's matched to your goals, abilities and fitness level. We are focused on building up your confidence in our beginner martial arts classes while having fun.

Contact us here at James Martial Arts Academy to learn more about our martial arts training for beginners.

Martial Arts Training for Weight Loss

Tired of boring, machine-based weight loss workouts? Frustrated with poor results from your current exercise program?

At our San Diego martial arts studio we offer safe and effective martial arts training for weight loss. Our Functional Fitness Program includes martial arts classes that focus on whole-body fitness combined with mental strength and self-discipline — that means you'll enjoy a workout that challenges your body and mind in ways that traditional cardio classes and gyms simply can't.

Whether you're in the final stretch of your weight-loss journey, you're just starting out or you're somewhere in-between, you owe it to yourself to learn more about martial arts training. Call us at (833) 894-0191 or drop us an email to find out how our martial arts training for weight loss can help you achieve your goals.

San Diego Martial Arts Training for Older Adults

Think martial arts training is just for kids and younger adults? Think again!

Despite what you might have heard, it's never to early, or too late, to take up martial arts classes. In fact, one of the best things about martial arts training is that it's open to all ages. Everyone can benefit from the speed, strength and flexibility training that is included with martial arts classes, and that's especially true for older adults who want to stay active as they age.

Martial arts training for older adults is a great way to increase lean muscle mass and get a safe cardio workout without the use of machines or weights. And because martial arts classes exercise the entire body, participants enjoy better balance and coordination, something that's critical in fall prevention among seniors.

Here at James Martial Arts Academy, we welcome students of all ages. Contact us to learn more about our San Diego martial arts training for older adults today.

Self-Defense Classes for Teenagers

Bullying is a serious problem among teenagers today, with one in four reporting being bullied by their peers. This can lead teens down a dangerous path of self-destructive behavior that will inevitably have a negative impact on their life choices.

One of the most powerful tools in the fight against bullying, peer pressure and adolescent stress is self-confidence. Young people who feel strong and confident are far less likely to be targeted by bullies and predators. Strong, confident teens also perform better academically, have better relationships with their family and friends, and are able to resist negative peer pressure.

Self-defense classes for teenagers can give young people the skills and confidence they need to make the right choice in any situation. At James Martial Arts Academy, our teen martial arts program trains youth in traditional martial arts while focusing on character development. This approach means the life lessons young people learn in our San Diego martial arts classes translate into how they deal with ordinary, and extraordinary, challenges in the real world.

To learn more about our self-defense classes for teenagers, contact us here at James Martial Arts Academy today.

San Diego Martial Arts Training for Girls

Contrary to what you might think, martial arts training isn't just for the guys — martial arts training for girls is quickly gaining popularity among kids and their parents alike.

Here at James Martial Arts Academy, we know that girls can be especially vulnerable to societal pressures around body image and self-confidence. Our martial arts training programs are founded on respect and discipline, making our dojo a safe, supportive space where girls are encouraged to be strong and self-confident.

Our team of experienced, fully-vetted instructors create a respectful environment that's free from bullying, making our martial arts training for girls safe and welcoming for youth who may feel intimidated by team sports. And our programs for girls aren't just about physical skill — we work to develop the whole person by using positive reinforcement to promote mental strength, good judgement, sound values and leadership skills.

Contact us here at James Martial Arts Academy to learn more about our safe, supportive martial arts classes for girls.

Why Martial Arts Training?

Martial arts in San Diego is gaining popularity among kids, adults and older adults, and when you consider all the benefits, it's easy to see why this ancient practice is emerging as one of the best ways to improve physical and mental well-being.

As a society, we're sorely lacking in exercise. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 20% of American adults get enough exercise, and that has led to a national health crisis caused by obesity and related health problems.

Combat Obesity and Health Issues

Martial arts training helps combat the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle in a way that's far more effective than simply lifting weights, running on a treadmill or going to a traditional studio class can. Martial arts is a whole-body workout — one that challenges your heart and lungs, increases lean muscle mass, and improves balance and flexibility. Building up muscle is one of the best ways to burn body fat, because those muscles help boost your metabolic rate, even while you're at rest.

Develop Lightning-Fast Reflexes

Martial arts require good reflexes — the ability to react quickly to dynamic situations. Through repetitive practice in a safe, controlled environment, martial arts students develop what's known as 'muscle memory' — it's the same principle that helps a hockey goalie stop a puck travelling at 80 mph, or a baseball player make an impossible catch.

Increase Power and Strength

Martial arts training boosts power and strength without the use of expensive equipment, fancy gadgets or gimmicks. Over time, students can expect to become stronger, and that helps make everyday activities easier.

Mental Focus

Martial arts classes aren't just about developing physical strength and skill — quality martial arts training also focuses on sharpening mental focus and honing concentration. Even martial arts training for beginners, kids and weight loss require students to be self-aware, and that can translate to success outside of the dojo. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why martial arts training is popular among students and professionals alike is because martial arts challenges the body and mind in ways other activities simply can't match.

What Does a Martial Arts Class Cost?

San Diego martial arts classes can range from $100 to $350 per month.  The James Martial Arts Academy classes are completely priced for children, and adults. This modest investment gives students access to world-class martial arts training customized to their unique goals and abilities.

Whether you want to pursue martial arts training for weight loss, want to sign up for self-defense classes for teenagers or are interested in martial arts training for beginners, you'll find this is a monthly investment that delivers exceptional returns for your physical and mental well-being.

In fact, the price of martial arts classes is either comparable to, or lower than many other sports and gym membership fees in the San Diego area, and martial arts classes cost significantly less than the price of a semi-private or private trainer. When you consider that martial arts classes can provide you or your child with a host of benefits such as better mental focus, discipline and self-confidence, it's easy to see why martial arts classes for adults, teens and kids can be a smart investment.

San Diego Martial Arts Training for Mental Focus and Self-Discipline

Think martial arts training is just about physical skills, agility and strength?

While it's true that pursing martial arts practice is a great way to shed unwanted pounds, build lean muscle and develop essential self-defense skills, many people are unfamiliar with the positive influence martial arts can have on their mental well-being.

Here at James Martial Arts Academy, we know that martial arts classes can help students of all ages learn essential life skills that are applicable in everyday life. Self-control, focus and good judgement are all key to success in the dojo, and the longer a student practices martial arts, the more obvious these positive mental changes become.

Another reason why martial arts training helps boost mental strength is because as students begin to realize their true potential, they become more confident. This confidence helps students make better choices at work and play, and they begin to see obstacles as simply challenges that they can overcome.

Contact us to learn more about how martial arts classes can help you improve your self-confidence, discipline and mental focus.

It’s Time to Pursue Your Martial Arts Goals

Get the One-on-One Guidance You Need to Succeed

Learning to protect yourself isn’t easy. Every body is unique – and what works for someone else may not work for you. The key to achieving your martial arts goals is understanding what you needs and then providing it – and a personal coach can help you do that.



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Any of these troubles?

The workouts you’re doing now aren’t getting you the results you want.

You need motivation to keep you going.

You have an injury that makes working out a challenge.



We try different workouts and equipment, but we might still struggle. We wonder if what we’re doing is having the effect we want it to have. We might not want to believe it, but sometimes we might be doing more harm than good when we hit the gym.

Personal trainers have the know-how and expertise to guide anybody toward their fitness goals. Instead of trying a one-size-fits-all approach, it’s time to work with someone who understands fitness. Someone who can help your body reach its full potential.


Working with a personal trainer is like getting a tutor for your body. These highly trained professionals understand human anatomy and fitness, and they can work with you to test your body’s limits and help you lose weight, build muscle, and achieve your fitness goals.


Sometimes, it’s hard to know which workout will be the most effective for your body and fitness goals. What works for someone else may not work for you.

A skilled personal trainer will do a complete assessment of your present fitness and your goals, and design workouts to help you lose weight, build muscle, and push your endurance.

As you progress, your trainer will adjust your workouts accordingly, so you never stop learning – and so your body doesn’t get complacent and stop responding.


The hardest thing about working out on your own is find the motivation to keep going when you’re not in the mood to work out – or when you’re tired and want to quit.

Our personal trainers provide all the motivation you’ll need to stay on track and get your body in shape. They understand how to encourage clients without overwhelming them.

Let’s face it: it helps to know that you have someone in your corner when you’re trying to get in shape. In the gym, your personal trainer is the one who believes in you – and pushes you when you need it.


If you’ve injured yourself, a trip to the gym can feel like a walk through a minefield. You want to exercise, but you’re wary of making your injury worse.

Personal trainers work with injuries and physical limitations all the time. They understand human bodies, and they can help you maintain or improve your fitness without reinjuring yourself.

As your injury heals, they can help you adjust your workouts to accommodate new abilities and strengths, ensuring that your recovery is a smooth and healthy one.


Professional athletes get personal guidance when they prep for a big event. Whether they’re training for the Olympics or getting ready for the next season, they don’t have to do it alone.

Working with a personal trainer is the best way to get ready for your next event. Training for a marathon or another sporting event requires specialized guidance and workouts.

A personal trainer will help you create (and stick to) a training schedule to ensure you’re ready when the big day arrives.



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Can working with a personal trainer help me lose weight?

I’m not in great shape. Can I still work with a personal trainer?

I hate working out. Why will working with a personal trainer be different?

Will my personal trainer yell at me if I don’t achieve my goals?

Working out hurts. Will a personal trainer be able to help me?

I’m training for an event. How can a personal trainer help me get ready?


A personal trainer can help you achieve the right balance of fat loss and muscle gain.

Personal trainers hold their clients accountable by requiring them to show up for workouts.

Working with a personal trainer ensures that you’ll learn proper form and avoid injuries.

Regular workouts with a trainer decrease stress and improve mental well-being.



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