August 11


Kosho-Ryu and Kajukenbo San Diego

By Sifu Darryl

August 11, 2016


This blog is not intended to create controversy with other martial arts system which speaks of their systems dominates. However, Kosho-Ryu and Kajukenbo are known as multi-faceted martial arts. The Kosho-Ryu and Kajukenbo practitioner are taught to fight equally effective on our feet as on the ground.

We all understand that a street fight is a pure chaos, and this episode of Fight Quest show the effectiveness of Kajukenbo dealing with multiple attackers. I would say the episode is probably still the most watched episode of Fight Quest ever produced. Fight Quest was a show that aired on Discovery Channel a few years back.

This show was hosted by two martial artist and pro fighters who traveled all over the world training in different martial arts.

When they traveled to San Francisco California to train with Kajukenbo instructors, things got a little as we like to say “Kaju rough”.

Please know the training you will see in this episode is way more extreme than you will typically do in our classes. However, for those who want this level of training, I will have special classes to accommodate you (this is the way Grand Masters Tony and Tim Bowles) trained me.

The two host due to their background were allowed to experience a level of intensity reserved for more advanced students like higher level green belt intensity in Kajukenbo This is not beginner level training!

Nevertheless, these two guys got put through the ringer on this show with no Kajukenbo experience, and here’s why. The Kajukenbo instructors they chose for this episode knew they were presenting Kajukenbo to the world. Think about it; would you show weakness or mercy on international television. Fortunately, we live in a great county however, people are under threat of being the attack at work, malls, schools, movie theaters or enjoying a marathon, 24/7/365?

The training Jimmy and Doug go through seems a little over the top (okay, flat out crazy), that is why I like to watch this video because it reminds me of how unpredictable this world is and how Kajukenbo has adapted so people can protect themselves.

Watching shows like this is why I know I can rely on my Kajukenbo/Kosho-Ryu training when it counts.


Martial Arts El Cajon


My teacher Grand Master Tony Bowles (left) learned Kosho-Ryu from both the Reverend James Mitose and Soke Thomas Mitose. The James Martial Arts Academy students are learning authentic Kosho-Ryu.

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