August 11


The Fundamentals of a Great Karate Program Starts with the Basics

By Sifu Darryl

August 11, 2016

Our Student Learn to Master the Basics Karate Techniques
Learn to Walk before they Run

Ask any professional athlete from basketball, football, soccer or martial artist how they became good at their disciple and they will tell you hours of practice. Ask them what they practiced and you will most likely hear “the fundamentals” or “the basics.” Did not get me wrong, I love the advanced striking, kicking and ground techniques.

Karate kickI once asked several great martial artists in San Diego what made you so fast and precise in your movements. The thing that struck me was that every one of them talked about how their earliest instructor was a traditionalist and had them study the basics. In other words, what made them great was the fact that they spent time on the fundamentals.

Now the sad part of this was that half of them were not teaching the knowledge they claimed made them good. Remember a shortcut is only part of a motion, but most motions are made up of many parts which can lead to shortcuts. When a master takes a shortcut they look good, but when a student learns only shortcuts they look poorly trained.

My teacher Sr. Grand Master Tony Bowles and Grand Master Tim Bowles stressed the basics.  Kicks, punches, strikes, self-defense, and forms.  Like in elementary school your teacher would review your A-B-C’s and counting 1-2-3…  to the point you know them in your sleep.  It’s the same in martial arts, however, the sad news is that we as a society want to run before we crawl.  The 360-degree roundhouse kicks are cool and I love executing them, but in a fight, it comes down to fast hard and effective techniques and at times those are your basics.

Stances: horse, bow, front, cat, upward back and downward back. They should be low and comfortable so you are able to move in different directions while staying level. The lower you are in your stance, the more stable you will be and low stances build leg and lower body strength.

Kicks: front side, back, and round kick. These should be controlled and very smooth.

Blocks: high rising, downward, outside block, front punch, backhand and vertical fist. If these are perfect your training can start!

If you just had those basics perfect you could master most any art. The reason is simple, once you master your body you can make it do anything. A new style of martial arts is like learning a new dance.

If you are interested in learning more about how martial arts can help you and your children, please contact us at (833) 894-0191 or stop by 2356 Fletcher Parkway El Cajon or to set up a free trial orientation.

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