Motivation or Willpower

Motivation vs Willpower Martial Arts

Hello everybody. I am Darryl James; I am the head instructor of James Martial Arts Academy, right here in beautiful El Cajon, California.

Today I’ll like to talk about willpower is greater than motivation. All right, guys, so maybe this has happened to you. You tell me. Do me a favor, share this article with family and friends, or even comment if you can think of an example where this was something that happened to you. But have you ever been motivated to do something, like you watch a video or you read something or whatever, and you’re like, “You know what, now’s the time.” Right?

Or maybe we’ve got New Years’ coming up; we’re all motivated to lose weight, get in better shape, reach that goal that we have. You’re motivated for it. And what happens over time? I can tell you that statistically, most people’s New Years’ resolutions are gone, done, finito, by the first two weeks of January.

So has that happened to you? Do you know someone like that who’s like, “Man, if I could just get motivated, I would be able to do this. I just need some motivation. I just need some inspiration for it,” right? And I’m not going to discount that motivation and inspiration are great and that doing things that can create motivation and inspiration are cool, and they’re good.

But I’m going to tell you here, remember, we’re talking about the things that people do to be successful. The black belts in life that’s who we’re trying to be. And what did they do differently? And we’re going to talk about a lot of different things. I’ve got a ton of stuff to go over here in the future, so make sure you often visit our blog.

But the big thing that they do differently is they don’t depend on motivation. They know the secret is that motivation will not get you to your goal. It just won’t do it. It’s willpower. Another word for willpower is self-discipline. It’s the willpower to continue. Even in small ways, we’re going to talk next time about what we call small habits or winning by percentages, but right now, you are more likely to fail if you are waiting to be motivated.

Think about it this way. How many of you are parents? If you’re a parent out there, hit the little heart button, right? That little heart. Hit that thing. That doesn’t look like a heart. There it is, heart. Hit the hearts, make them float across the screen if you’re a parent.

How many moms out there and dads and your youngest baby, this small baby, and the baby’s crying and wants fed in the middle of the night. You wake up, and you feed, you change a diaper, you put the baby back to sleep, oh great, thank goodness. And then we go back to bed. And then two hours later, wallah, there it is again. Guys, that is not motivation that gets you through that. That is willpower. Because what happens the next morning?

Now you take the baby to the sitter, and you go to work, you’ve slept three hours. The only thing that gets you through that is the sheer power of will. It is the most powerful thing that we have as human beings. And it is willpower. But you have to learn to harness that same willpower that got you to feed your child and then go to work; you need to take that willpower and then put it into everything else. And that is why willpower is far more powerful than motivation.

All right, so guys, here’s what I want you to do. Give it a retweet, give it a like, and give it a Facebook share if you think this is a positive message. I the future, we¬† will discuss winning by percentages. Remember, willpower is greater than motivation.

Stay safe,

Sifu Darryl