Practicing Martial Arts Can Reduce Teens Social Anxiety

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PRACTICING MARTIAL ARTS CAN REDUCE TEENS SOCIAL ANXIETY Although it is not uncommon to feel anxious about daily tasks like going to the grocery store or attending an important meeting, it is a daily burden for some. Social anxiety disorder can prevent people from enjoying the things they love. There are many solutions to social […]

Losing weight with Adult Martial Arts

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Losing weight and maintaining weight loss with Adult Martial Arts at James Martial Arts Academy Are you looking for an effective way to lose weight while improving your health and fitness? Look no further than adult martial arts. This comprehensive guide will show you how adult martial arts can help you shed pounds, gain strength […]

How to Build a Bully-Proof Forcefield

Bully-Proof Forcefield-karate in El Cajon

How to Build a Bully-Proof Forcefield Bullying has become a severe problem in San Diego for children and adults, and bullying should not be taken lightly. This severe issue must be addressed by everyone, especially children. As parents, martial arts teachers, caregivers, and community members, it is our responsibility as caregivers to provide guidance and […]


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The Best Self-Defense Martial Arts I found this article on the Black Belt Magazine website and found it fascinating that Kajukenbo was listed as the top martial art for self-defense. Training in the arts of Kajukenbo and Kosho-Ryu for the past 30 years, I know about the effectiveness of these two arts for street self-defense, and now […]